Investment fund set to unlock new housing


Residential projects in Auckland to build hundreds of homes.

Investors are being sought to help fund the building of more than 1000 new homes in multiple housing precincts across Auckland.

The developments, many of which are already under way, include Selo, a 236 townhouse project in Glen Eden, the Lime Burners Bay development in Hobsonville which will result in 417 new homes and an 800-home greenfield development in Pukekohe.

The fund – which is is open only to eligible wholesale investors with a minimum investment of $750,000 – is being managed by Aedifice Capital through its residential property development arm, Aedifice Property Group (APG).

Director Heremana Malmezac says the company is encouraging investors to explore the newly minted fund which he believes is an opportunity for savvy investors with a passion to ignite meaningful impact for everyday New Zealanders and change the future of affordable housing in New Zealand.

“Our team has been keeping a watchful eye on events in the real estate and construction market over recent months,” says Malmezac. “Anticipating contractions in the industry as the situation unfolds, we have taken pre-emptive measures to ensure our operations’ stability and the continuity of our pipeline. Protecting the interests of our customers and investors is our highest priority.

“The reasons that really make this investment opportunity stand apart from others is threefold,” according to Malmezac. “Firstly there is our complete dedication to applying the same rigor and well-oiled processes to a relatively small capital fund that we do in much larger businesses.

“This is to ensure that we can execute our plans to a very high standard while removing guesswork or lack of synchronicity between the fund and the projects it supports.”

He says coupled with that approach is an independent investment committee which comprises a tight-knit group of internationally-respected business experts who give guidance, wisdom and global perspective to keep the investments on track – and identify and navigate any risks.

“Finally, the excellent reputation, integrity and expertise that the property team brings to the mix, results in a transparent and rewarding experience for our investors.”

Aedifice Property Group has been active in the local real estate market since 2012, and, Malmezac says, is anchored by a core goal of providing high quality affordable housing solutions for Kiwis.

“Beyond this commitment to quality construction, lies a passion for innovative urban design and the creation of environments that connect residents to their local area – and each other- to give longevity as the community flourishes and evolves.”

He says targeting areas with existing infrastructure that have future growth plans in place to support population growth has also been an intentional move as developers focus on zones close to transport hubs and motorways to meet the commuting needs of the Auckland population as the city continues to sprawl.

APG has already delivered 14 developments with 800 lots over the past decade. A further three are in development and it has in place a five-year project pipeline.

“The advantage of a streamlined connection between the fund and the project – with the added guidance of the independent investment committee – gives investors reassurance that they can invest wisely in a team that has an enviable reputation for delivering projects that resonate with the local market,” Malmezac says.

As well as the townhouses, the Selo project features a commercial zone, children’s playground, parks, secure communal bike storage and a custom-designed embedded fibre and power network. Over 90 per cent of the properties in stage one of the project are under contract.

Likewise, other developments already underway are anticipated to see similar levels of interest to Selo as stages are released. A large-scale development with a mix of two and three bed terrace townhouses including luxury waterfront homes and walk-up apartments are included in the Lime Burners Bay development.

Selo living room and kitchen

“Our approach is grounded in combining exceptional business acumen with a curiosity for seizing opportunities,” says Malmezac. “We are confident that investors who join us on our journey will see the difference we can all make to the housing needs of New Zealanders .”

Originally from French Polynesia and New Caledonia, where he spent 15 years building his business group, Malmezac made the move to New Zealand in 2009, where he forged the partnership that would become Aedifice Property Group. He also has extensive business interests in New Zealand and the Pacific Rim across a wide range of asset classes and sectors, including real estate.

Investment in Aedifice Capital is open only to eligible wholesale investors, with a minimum investment of $750,000.

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