René Heremana Malmezac

René Heremana Malmezac

Born and raised in the Pacific Islands, Heremana Malmezac spent 15 years building his business group, as well as developing and managing the family group, in French Polynesia, New Caledonia and the Pacific Rim before moving to New Zealand with his wife Lola and his children Kulani and Taaroa, then aged 5 and 3 years old.

Swapping the sunny beaches of New Caledonia for the alpine slopes of Queenstown in New Zealand may seem like an unlikely move, but with his love of outdoor sports and adventures, Queenstown was a natural fit.

Heremana has turned this passion into purpose and is committed to making these sporting activities that were such a fundamental part of his formative years available to the young people of New Caledonia, as a positive way to unify and communicate across boundaries.

Devotees of mountain biking and hiking, Heremana and his family generously agreed to build a bike park on some of their lands in Ouenghi, New Caledonia. This passion project was realised after four years of work with Olivier and Helene Buffet, volunteers and a group of friends from New Zealand who travelled every year to assist and share their technical knowledge.

He created the sailing team Guilty Pleasures with Renaud Geradin and contributed financially to the purchase of the boat, training programs and equipment. The team is also an incubator, with its young pupils winning the New Caledonia Championship seven times and coming 2nd in the World Championship in Sydney in 2017.

Heremana Malmezac

Errare humanum est, sed perseverare diabolicum

To err is human, to persist is diabolical

Established in the South Pacific, Malmezac Group/M Groupe is a highly diversified asset management group of companies with interests spread across a diverse range of asset classes and sectors throughout the Pacific Rim, including real estate, logistics and port operations, storage and supply of energy products, telecommunications, trading, car dealerships, security, hotels and tourism.

Aedifice Property Group
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Aedifice Property Group

After moving to New Zealand over a decade ago, Heremana forged Aedifice Property with two New Zealand-based partners.

Now a significant player in the property development market in Auckland and Queenstown, Aedifice has 15 developments in its portfolio (with a number under construction), including residential townhouses, apartments (including an apartment hotel), land and commercial.

Drawing expertise from a dedicated team with backgrounds in planning, design and construction, Aedifice and its associated companies are currently working on residential developments on Auckland's North Shore, West Auckland and Wanaka.

Aedifice Capital/Sirius

Aedifice Capital's (trading as Sirius) primary business is dedicated to the investment strategy for Aedifice Property Group.

With the growth of Aedifice Property Group, Heremana has expanded the scope of action for the capital arm of the group, soliciting investment from third parties to fund the property development activities.

Aedifice Capital