Malmezac Group

Heremana Malmezac is CEO of the Malmezac Group/M Groupe, a highly diversified asset management group of companies with interests spread across a diverse range of asset classes and sectors throughout the Pacific Rim.


Historically, the logistics sector has been the core business of the Group with operations in French Polynesia (SATNUI Group) and New Caledonia (SATO Group) and are widely recognised for their high performance and quality operations.

Real estate

The Group has completed several real estate developments in French Polynesia and New Caledonia, including commercial, hotels, office buildings and retail. Among its portfolio, the Group holds the Vaima Shopping Centre in Tahiti and Polycal, a large block in a prime position in Noumea's CBD.

Car dealerships

The Group has been in the car dealership business since 1978. SODIVA/SOVIRENT is now one of the key players in the automotive concession industry in French Polynesia with nearly 25% market share and some of the most popular and prestigious brands in the sector, including Renault, Tesla, Jeep, Alfa Romeo and Nissan.


The PACIFIC ENERGY GROUP specialises in logistics, distribution and storage of petroleum products in the Pacific Islands where it delivers over 1 billion litres per year, as well as investments in solar farms and ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) technology. 

Food industry

POLYAGRO imports and distributes food and other commodities in French Polynesia and has created different products and brands to respond to the specificities of the Polynesian market's needs. Polyagro holds 45% of the market for rice distribution in Tahiti and 30% in flour distribution.

Founded in New Zealand, FAST TRADE trades food and other essential commodities to the South Pacific Islands.


PACIFIC MOBILE TELEPHONE (PMT) joined forces with Vodafone in a strategic partnership in 2013, to bring the world's leading mobile telephone network to Polynesia, with its offer expanded in 2018 to include fixed-line broadband.


The Group has investments in the tourism industry in the South Pacific, including:

MANAVA SUITE RESORT - Premium beach resort in Tahiti with over 120 rooms.

MISS KULANI - Luxury boat charter based in French Polynesia.

Other investments

The Group has a diversified investments portfolio, including:

POLYNÉSIE PNEUS - Wholesaler for Michelin tyres in French Polynesia
HERMES PROTECTION - Industry leader in New Caledonia for video surveillance and monitoring
TAHITI AGRÉGATS/TAHITI CARRIÈRES - Extraction and crushing of aggregates, operating for more then 40 years
STATION LIVESTOCK - 3 stations in New Caledonia with 600 cattle and more than 1,200 hectares of productive land